Truck Drivers, Trucking Companies Carry Heavy Loads and Responsibility

Driving trucks for a living is a heavy responsibility. Truck drivers have to follow both state and federal commercial vehicle laws, as well as other laws that control traffic and criminal violations. When truck accidents occur and motorists are injured or killed on state highways, complex liability issues arise between the truck drivers, their employers and other third parties, like insurance companies, who may all be held legally responsible for damages.

Federal Trucking Laws

In addition to following the rules of the road, truck drivers and their trucking companies must also follow a number of federal regulations. For example, truck companies must keep driver schedules reasonable, so that no deliveries cause drivers to speed or drive longer hours than the rules provide. Truck drivers and companies must also ensure commercial vehicles are maintained properly and in working order before any trips. Safely securing cargo and hiring qualified, licensed commercial drivers are also two key federal regulations that truckers and truck companies must follow.

Commercial Vehicle Laws in Texas

In Texas, the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Service (CVE) is tasked with enforcing the laws of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to reduce trucking road damage and accidents. The CVE does this by weighing commercial vehicles while in service and verifying compliance with state and federal laws involving truck and driver registration, licensing and hazardous materials.

The Texas Highway Patrol and law enforcement officials also work to catch truck drivers violating state traffic and criminal laws while driving on state roads. When truckers and truck companies violate the laws and cause serious accidents, Houston truck accident lawyers can help bring personal injury claims to hold the negligent parties responsible.