When People Get Hurt in Houston

When people get hurt, they suffer many collateral damages. They may have to pay expensive medical bills, purchase assistive devices, take time off from work, or even pay to replace damaged or lost property. Filing an appropriate lawsuit, in these cases, has the potential to yield the resources necessary to alleviate the burdens imposed by these extraneous costs. Often, the suits never make it to trial and the responsible party pays the victim to cover the damages. Sometimes just having a lawyer to contact the negligent party or mediate on the victim’s behalf is all it takes to secure the needed funds.

Did you slip and fall? Have you sustained injury from a car or truck accident? Were you hurt at work? The personal injury lawyers at John K. Zaid & Associates, PLLC can help. John Zaid and his associates have an established history of helping the people of Houston get justice. The firm handles many personal injury cases for people who have been hurt in all sorts of different accidents. The associates’ success comes from a personal concern for each client’s circumstances and an expert approach to investigating, researching, and building strong cases.

At  John K. Zaid & Associates, PLLC clients are not just numbers; they are people whose stories and experiences are important to the firm. Once someone sustains an injury from a fall or accident, they can contact the firm right away to see whether they have a case against some party, at no charge. The firm’s staff will evaluate the circumstances of the potential client’s injury to determine whether someone’s negligence or wrongdoing was the underlying cause of the injury. They’ll investigate questions like: Was there faulty manufacturing? Did the other drive fail to signal properly? Did the maintenance worker neglect to raise proper signage alerting passersby to the wet floor? etc. Because there are endless scenarios that might give rise to liability, it is best to call the firm if you get hurt. There may be someone you should sue.

When a person becomes injured, an expert personal injury lawyer with a proven track record for success can make the difference between financial ruin and financial security. There is no reason to take on the expenses of ambulances, doctors, chiropractors, etc. when someone else’s negligence led to the injury in the first place. The law makes the victim’s bills the perpetrator’s problem; and it’s the personal injury lawyer’s job to find the perpetrator and make him pay.