Heavy Responsibility, Hefty Penalties

Houston Car Accident Lawyer

Complex Liability Issues

When car accidents occur, serious and fatal injuries are common, and there may be many factors and responsible parties involved. While car drivers may have acted negligently by speeding or driving fatigued, the trucking companies may also be held liable under the respondent superior doctrine if the companies pushed the drivers to act this way by violating scheduling rules. Other parties, like contractors and insurance companies, may also be legally liable for damages if key supervisory and relationships are shown to exist.

Heavy Responsibility, Hefty Penalties

Commercial car drivers and their logistic companies owe others on the roads a standard duty of care to practice safe driving and follow both federal and Texas commercial driving regulations. When they fail to do this, and people become seriously injured or are killed, they must be held accountable for their actions. Hiring a Houston personal injury attorney with experience in car accidents can help victims and their families recover damages and compensation from all responsible parties.

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